Monday, June 30, 2008


(Vineyard Vines Outfit and Pink Golf Shoes)

We spent four days at the Buick Open in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The Buick Open is a well run, world class event. We were fortunate to receive tickets which included valet parking, club house passes, lunch, etc. Now, this is the way to attend a golf tournament! Our kids had a blast (as you can see). Even though Tiger was not there, Buick had this amazing booth set-up so you could have your picture taken with Tiger Woods. It was so much fun. I was amazed at all the adults in line to get their photo taken!
I guess the world loves Tiger Woods!

Highlights from this event:

Daughter B- said the the Buick LaCrosse is her "dream vehicle" replacing the VW Bug as the vehicle she wants when she is 16 .

Daughter C- received over 20 autographs from the golf pros and a few golf balls from the Caddies.

My son told Jason Gore about how he won the local Golf Channel Drive Putt Chip competition for Longest Drive and Best Chip. Jason said..."Keep it up buddy". My son smiled!

The "Analyze your Swing" golf pro said that my son's swing will pay for his parent's retirement. We were wondering if Buick guarantees this?

Buick's cars are amazing! Luxurious--and I mean leather seats and the works, affordable and a crossover that gets great gas mileage. We love that Tiger is their spokes person too--he sends a great message to our children. Note: The winner of the Buick Open receives a car--can't beat that!


Sunday, June 29, 2008


What can I say....these are adorbable! Great gifts...

Friday, June 27, 2008


During my days at Buick, I spent hours profiling the drivers' of certain vehicles...I would pick up a Chanel Suit or picture of some limoges china, a bottle of champagne, etc., and display them in the design center to inspire our car designers. Now, this can be done in minutes on Here are some of the combinations I found that were complied by subscribers. Just search for sets by typing in your favorite words (e.g., Audrey Hepburn, preppy).

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I am a little addicted to Polyvore. These are color combinations and clusters you select or you can just flag other's collections. In addition, the pictures have the "who makes it" so it like a shopping list. You can copy pictures from websites and make a collection list. These are some fun groups I came across. NOTE: These are other people's collections not mine--great taste out there!

You must try it. Preppy Bunny has cute items in her list!

Monday, June 23, 2008


My 15 years of experience as a mother has taught me is that there are a lot of different camp options for your children in the summer. Some are better than others. I really stopped most day camps unless I am sure that they have a great track record and really give my children a unique experience.

This year, my daughter C--11yrs. and son T-8yrs are off to the Toledo Zoo. C-is a Junior Zoo Keeper and T- is in a Reseach and Enrichment camp. Tonight T had to hang two different types of bird feeders he made at camp today and write/journal about the success of each. My daughter C fed a Giraffe today. What a great experience! Makes me feel better about the 2 hours I am driving (4 tomorrow since I have a meeting back home).

Here is my list to evaluate a day camp:

1. Who is putting it on and is it providing a unique experience for my children?

2. Are they acquiring a skill or exposure to a group of people that is not possible any other way? For example: My daughter B is at the University of Michigan Tennis Camp this week. She is loving being with the college players. She has met good friends (she met them last year), is playing a lot of tennis and it is 10 minutes from home.

3. Is is educational?

4. Cost per hour. U of M Tennis Camp is $16 per hour including lunch and bowling outing. Zoo Camp is $10 per hour plus one meal at the zoo on Friday and drinks everyday--a bargain!

5. Education of Staff (are these college graduates or high school students?) My daughter C said...I did not know you had to go to college to take care of animals at the Zoo.

6. Is it Fun!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I love reading the blog "One Fabulous Mom". Not only is this blogger cleaver and entertaining to read, she actually has brushes and sighting with celebrities. Since her husband is in the film business, just reading this blog make me feel like I have a connection to Hollywood from the perspective of non-celebrity, interesting person.

In Ann Arbor, we have a few celebrities...mostly sports related. Of course Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber--which I am sure he thinks of this movie as his finest work) is around living the quiet life in Chelsea,Michigan. So, my only brush with fame is with my dog CoCo.

My dog CoCo is a Model! Yes, you can purchase a picture of Coco on a the Nina Hauser Photography website . In addition to Nina's beautiful, unique photographs, she takes pictures from the perspective of her dog, Theo. My English Springer Spaniel likes to scare and bark at Theo. I told Nina that we would pay for the therapy.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Preppy Daughter Goes to Saddlebrook Golf Camp

(a little short for her clubs though) Custom, Monogrammed Shoes by Footjoy

Yes, while other children are going to camp to sail, ride horses, and play capture-the-flag, my 11 year old daughter is going to summer golf camp at Saddlebrook Resort. She pretty much made the all plans and organized herself to go....what can you say? She heard that if you can shoot under 80 you can get a college scholarship! That would be great with me!

In preparation, she is wearing lots of Lilly Pulitzer skirts and tops. She will look adorable and hopefully will learn some new skills. Only 2 girls and 14 boys in the golf program. She is going to be staying with other girls in the tennis program.

Cute top from Old Navy she wore on the plane.

Now, my other daughter is heading off on a Mission Trip to Tennessee. I think she will be camping but doing some interesting work. A little different experience, but good for her. She will be attend a tennis camp next week and my other two kids will be junior zoo keepers at the Toledo zoo. Fun, but busy!


Thursday, June 5, 2008


My crazy school year life is slowly wrapping up. I managed to squeeze a few fun activities in for me too including book group where my friend MP put strawberries in our wine...yum! She had glorious mini cupcakes too. Tomorrow is graduation for 8 th Grade. A one hour ceremony, new dress, manicure, and hair cut for my oldest daughter plus a small reception at our house before she and her girlfriends go to a party at our teen center (started by the Junior League). We have field day/barbecue for my son at a park (I am hopefully trying to squeeze in an appearance), my second daughter is taking her Senior Buddy out for lunch (6th graders team up with a senior) and the mom is coming and then a separate high school graduation party that night. The end of the year is crazy and fun. Even though eighth grade is a small mile-stone, it is hard to believe we only have 4 more years with my oldest. So many things I still want to do with her...Grand Canyon, Asia, Galapagos Islands, etc.