Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Counting Down To Valentine's Day-William Sonoma

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pink Preppy Recipe Box- Love it!

Shandell's Match Boxes --Anne Harwell

Anne Harwell's Designs (above) (cute holiday match box)
They also have a wonderful selection of tissue boxes.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Do you think I would get tired of this office?

I have a fairly small office 14x14 feet with a window, two doors, lots of white trim. My furniture is a walnut Baker desk and a few other dark wood pieces. Do you think I will get sick of the hot pink on the walls? I love just love the toile. I need a office make-over. Any thoughts?

Friday, January 1, 2010

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

My daughters are definitely team Jacob. I guess werewolves are more appealing than vampires. I actually prefer humans myself. Nordstrom bet that the New Moon phenomena would be a hit and hence, the entire teen department was covered with Twilight shirts, jewelery, etc. My oldest daughter wanted a shirt and make-up for Christmas.

I thought I was too old or too normal to like this series, but it all came home to me when there was an older woman (70's) at the make-up counter testing the Twilight make-up and said she loves the books, reads them and goes to the movies with her daughters. She obvious likes them enough to want to purchase high-priced make-up that says Twilight. I guess I am not too old, but maybe too normal. Let me know what team you are on! Jacob or Edward.

Make-up line only at Nordstrom

Team Jacob Shirt-Family Crest (yes, even werewolves can have crests)

RESOLUTION #1: Take More Videos

This is the camera my daughters received from Santa. You can actually customize it through Cafe Press to include your photos or any dream you may have. I tried to get a Lilly Pulitzer print on one for you but did not have any luck. Over 1000 varieties available including New Moon-Team Jacob which is big at my house. I selected the middle one for my daughter (which proceeds go to purchasing these cameras for non profits).
The Cameras did not arrive until after the big day since I purchased them off of the Flip Camera website vs. Cafe Press.
These cameras are great and hold 60 minutes (120 minute available) and have a USB connector that plugs right into your computer. No cords!