Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cannot Get Enough--Tudors

Hi everyone, I am alive and well. Just trying to get back into blogging. It has been a busy winter/spring. Tennis, Peter Pan (the kids actually flew in this production), golf, etc. dance, soccer, etc. have kept us running. Busy little bees we are.

I have also been watching the Tudors--Season 1 & 2 and I must say, I love it! Think I should have lived in the 1700s. I would have avoid King Henry though, he is a crazy man.

Sorting out the school situation for 6th and 9th grade has been a challenge and I have been trying to reform education in Ann Arbor, yes I said reform. Making teachers accountable here is a challenge. Most of you probably do not have this problem since you are not unionized. Michigan is unionized and our schools have one of the worst achievement gaps (high achievers/low achivers) in the nation. Only 60% are college ready in 11th grade. This is Ann Arbor, Michigan, the backyard of the University of Michigan--so we need to be leading the nation here.