Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sorority Rush-Southern Style-and Why I like It!

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Well, I am busy writing recommendations letters for Kappa Kappa Gamma for my DD's friends.  One of the letters went to the University of Alabama.   I checked out the rush website, and I must say,  Sorority Rush is big business for the Crimson Tide (my daughter was accepted here too--but loves that Stetson U!).  I am sure other schools are the same, but I have yet to see a 30 page guide with advertisements  and a promotion for dorm meal service during rush week.  Check out this book--rush participation at University of Alabama is $150.

While I know that a lot of people are not fans of sorority rush and sororities, I do believe they give young women and men (fraternities) some valuable life lessons that I am sure the panhelletic council would not like me to promote.  Well, here they are:

1.  You have to make a good first impression, be likable and be good at small-talk with someone you do not know or you will get cut.  You have about 1 minute to make an impression.

2.  You need to conform at little to how sorority girls dress and look good!

3.  People will judge you based on your first impression.  Sorry, they will do this your whole life!

4.  If you know people in the sorority, it may positively or negatively influence your chances of getting in.  Good PR is important--this is an the ultimate example of marketing a person to teen girls.

5.  The sorority house will vote on you, so you need to meet as many people as possible.  The more you can meet before rush, the better.   People like to vote for what is unfamiliar too--look I found a new shiny penny, so this can work in your favor too.  Knowing people too well in a sorority can be bad too--history is not always a good thing.


1.  You need how to dress in this world--brown socks with sneakers, a wrinkled t-shirt, cargo hiking shorts on the treadmill looks horrible at the gym.  --I saw this yesterday.

2.   People evaluate you before they even meet you by your appearance.  A first impression in a job interview is critical.

3. Small talk is very valuable to learn in making friends and networking, etc.

4.  Gosh, you need to know how to market yourself!   Politics are important and in the case of rush, you are trying to get a vote from a group of women for yourself.

5.  Most importantly, being a sorority, you learn how to deal with women.

One more thing about the Greek Chic--these college girls have put together the equivalent of an annual report for a company (minus the detail financial statements and SEC filings).  Pretty impressive for college girls. Also, rush which involved over 1500 girls is a big deal and big business.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Graduation Gift for Teen-Travel Wallet

What do you get the high school or college students for graduation?  Well, I made my daughter a picture book on Shutterfly of her senior year and gave her a monogrammed travel wallet from Asprinal of London.  She actually really liked it and my second daughter said what color she wants when she graduates too.  I chose the black (with a red interior) because I thought it would be good for a lifetime of use.  Red interior added a little something extra!

The British really love travel wallets which make currency management and travel paperwork very easy to manage.  We really spent a lot of time looking at travel wallets last summer when we were in London and Paris.  This was my favorite brand which is at Harrod's too.