Friday, May 29, 2009



GIVEAWAY: One of the two scarves



I was contacted by the Ford Motor Company, Warrior in Pink group with a wonderful giveaway (and they even put it in a basket and took a picture of it--now that is service!) The Ford Motor Company-- Warrior-in- Pink Breast Cancer Research Project commissioned Lilly Pulitzer to make several scarves and I am giving away a fabulous basket of:

Two (2) Lilly Pulitzer Scarves (one for you and one for a friend)

Three(3) -Warrior-in-Pink Workout Shirts and --they are nice!

and Warrior in Pink Stickers, etc.

You may enter up to four times (100 unique entries and an extra $50 goes to Breast Cancer Research via me PPPG!)

1. Leave a comment (1 entry)

2. Post about my giveaway on your blog (1 additional entry)-let me know that you did this too!

3. If you test drive a Ford by June 13th (MUST HAVE FORM), Ford will donate $20 to Breast Cancer Research in your area.--You get 2 entries for this one!!!!--Make sure you let me know you did this. IMPORTANT LINK FOR FORM: I guess you can pick one of these forms up at your local race too.

If I have 100 entries, an extra $50 goes to Breast Cancer Research by me, PPPG. Please talk this up on your blogs. We have a rare opportunity as bloggers to help a cause that impacts all of us!

In these hard times, we can still give to Breast Cancer Research to find a cure.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Frank Lloyd Wright-Grand Old Flag (1927)

This weekend, we honor of those brave men and women who died for our country. Above is a beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright piece that was made in 1927 and graced the cover of Town & County Magazine in 1937. This is such a beautiful tribute to our flag, the brave and the USA. Have a happy and safe holiday!

P.S. My daughter is making a float for her Decade Project: Year 1930-1939. Stumbled upon this piece by Franky LW.

Stay tuned for my "WARRIOR IN PINK" LILY P. GIVE-AWAY!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where is Jacques Cohen (Espadrilles) When I need him

My usual quest for close-toed, comfortable, heeled shoes stopped here. Jacques Cohen-my beloved espadrille company is no more (since Jacques Levin slipper company purchase him (Jack) and added fancy strings to his shoes). Someone, EM&M Espadrille is taking pride in knocking off the Jacques Cohen Espadrille and these shoes seem to be a hit among you East Coast preppies from Connecticut. Currently, these darling numbers are available in black and lavender.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May Day (Belated)

May Day baskets
Well, this post is a little late. Last year, and for the past 6 years, I would celebrate May Day at my children's school. I made a beautiful May Pole out of wood with ribbons attached (as seen in Martha Stewart's magazine many moons ago), would talk about the history of May Day, help the kids make May Day basket out of paper, and then we would all sing and dance around the MayPole weaving the ribbons to make a beautiful design. After last year, the MayPole went into the trash--the kids in 3rd grade are starting to get a little wild and so that is the end of the May Day dance. It was always such fun.

I thought the kids needed to know that May Day is more than a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organized by the unions and socialist groups. Have to balance out that educational political agenda a little!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Well, it is that time of year for graduation parties, first communions, confirmations, Bat Mitzvah, etc.

I have a few gift ideas that I would like the share, but I am in desperate need of Graduation Gift ideas for young men. I know pens, leather portfolios, books on the college experience, etc. are all great. I am just looking for something special.

In exchange, I wanted to share a few unusual gift ideas with you.

1. For Bar Mitzvah or Confirmation for teen boys: Mimobot USB Flash Drive It comes in a variety of designs including Starwars characters.

2. Confirmation for Girls:


Swaroski Crystal on a wire that actually lights up. Elegant and fun. I usually add a note: "May you always find your way" Thanks BK for the idea.

3. Graduation Gift: Chanel Perfume-Start them off on the right foot. One of the few High School graduation gifts I received and remembered.

Last year, I gave a young man a Vineyard Vine belt with tennis racquets ( he was playing tennis in college). I knew that he would appreciate it, but not all young men would wear this type of gift. Please share your thoughts with me about a great graduation gift for boys.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


These are all cakes that I have had stored on my computer for over a year. It is hard to believe that these are cakes--especially that Ked tennis shoe. I wonder if they taste as good as they look?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Color Coding My Kids

When my daughters were little, they wore a lot of the same pieces of clothing and were pretty close in size. I would find an outfit that was so cute, but did not want to purchase two in the exact same color for sisters. To keep their clothing straight, a lot of the time I would purchase pink for my youngest daughter and light blue for my oldest daughter. The GAP made this easy because most outfits would come in both color combinations. This really helped in sorting laundry. At one time, I even monogrammed their little white Nordstrom undergarments in an effort to keep everything straight.

This effort has of color coding my kids has continued with my son who is coded "green". This really comes in handy for water bottles, etc. We still have items monogrammed (sports bags from LL Bean are navy with each child's monogram).

I love these water bottles because you can put them in the freezer and the outside fluid freezes and keeps the water bottle cold.