Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, one of my favorite pass times is finding items I like in stores and then searching for them on ebay. Being in a ski town full of ski clothing, we saw this great Dale of Norway sweater on a man and I tried on these ski boots. Even with the exchange, the cost of items in Canada is still higher (taxes business increases the prices and it is passed on to the consumer).
I found both of these items on ebay-- new w/tags and purchased them for 25% of the retail value! Both are returnable. Finally my husband has a Dale of Norway sweater and me, some new, comfortable ski boots.

Greetings From Mont Tremblant--Home of the Beaver Tails

We are at Mont Tremblant in Quebec for a week of skiing and having a great time. My son is mastering the snow board and riding on the rails. Snowboarding and skiing is such a great activity for boys--they love the outdoors and will keep trying (4000+ times) to master a thrill seeking task. He skied all day, then worked on snow board skills all night.

One of the best treats in Mont Tremblant is Beaver Tails. Served warm and we actually get the version call the "Trip"-which includes Nutella, Maple Syrup and Reese's Pieces-extremely fattening, but delicious.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am so glad I am not a teenager today.

One of the benefits of being an adult and not being in High School or Middle School is you have the ability to make your own friends and can avoid those horrible feelings of exclusion, cliques, etc. Middle School and High School makes (forces) our children deal with other children on daily basis, whom they would never choose as friends in the future.

As a parent of middle and high school girls, FACEBOOK just intensifies those feelings of exclusion and cliquieness. Kids not only hear about all the parties they were excluded from, now they get to seeing all the fun people were having without them.

It is so hard being a kids now days and the Internet really brings it home. I think our darling teens could use a little etiquette these days. DO NOT TALK ABOUT PARTIES AND DO NOT PUBLISH PICTURES OF YOUR PARTIES-SEND AN EMAIL OF THE PICTURES INSTEAD.

An Invasion of Ants and Frogs

Well, for the longest time, we were a home for girls. We had numerous American Girl Dolls, kitchens, pots, pans, make-up, and we have had hamsters, fish,etc. Even though we have about 10,000 pieces of Lego, we have now finally achieved boy household status.

Last week, we received our shipment in the mail of Red Ants (thank you Aunt Laurie&Uncle Jim) and our darling, slimy little tadpoles. Thank goodness the ants will eventually die since it says on the package that they do bite (great). The tadpoles, if they survive, will be set them free in a few months.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


When I use to volunteer in my son's 2nd class room, I would discuss the weekly "Time For Kids", published by Time Magazine. In Feb., before I handed out the weekly magazine that had Abraham Lincoln's picture on the front, I asked the kids:

ME: "In Feb., two great men were born and we celebrate their birthdays. Do you know who their names?"

KIDS: "Martin Luther King?"

ME: "No, we celebrate his birthday in Jan. not Feb."

KIDS: "Rosa Parks?"

ME: "No, she is a woman and I said man."

KIDS: ......Silence........ and more ....silence

ME: "Have you ever heard of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington"
(98% of our kids pass the MEAP test--some of the smartest kids around)

ONE CHILD: "I think I may have heard of them before but I am not sure."--

ME: " I think they are missing teaching you something here and let's discuss these great men"

I am glad our children learn about Mr. King and Rosa Parks, but it is a little overboard. We do need a Martin Luther King celebration every year. Teachers, Washington and Lincoln were more instrumental in ours and Dr. King's success. Where would we be without them?

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Well, we have gone to Nordstom, Saks, Macy's VonMaur, JCrew, Forever21, Juicy Couture, Betsy Johnson, and probably several more stores that I have blanked out.

What is up with dresses for teenagers?

They are all so flammable and shiny!

My daughter does not like rhinestones, glitter, netting and polyester glossy material. Guess what.... there is nothing else out there.

My daughter did reluctantly purchased and return and then purchased another BCBG Max Azria dress for her winter formal. A little expensive for a teenage dress, but we were desperate. I have to give her credit because when you put this the BCBG section next to the teen section, it is such a contrast in quality and she would not even go in the teen section--thank you retail merchandisers.

This is one that she purchased and she is going to wear the tie as a caveman strap (Can you say Wilma Flintstone?)--thank you Michelle Obama (Vogue Cover Girl)--symmetry in shoulder cover is now gone. It actually looks cute on her because she is only 5'4 (unlike this model) so it is not so short.

When we were in Chicago, she actually tried on a Juicy Couture dress that looked cute on her.We should have purchased it but, now she doesn't like it. Two more days until the formal--no more time to look at the same 3 dresses.

Where do you purchase cute dresses for teenage girls--they will not shop at Lilly Pulitzer or J Crew--sorry, that would be too easy.


You all have such wonderful thoughts and comment. One blogger (MomX2)-a blog that I love to read, asked me "how are we (the commenters) doing?" on my Socialist Valentine post. I thought I would follow-up because I received such wonderful thoughts.

1. Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Academically-Good: Actually, my son really enjoyed doing it and did not seem to miss the candy, selecting his own cards, etc. So, I agree with many of you that this was not all bad. From an academic standpoint, I am concerned that this is the most writing that my son has done all year. The card to his teacher said" Mr. Wright, thank you for TETCHING ME". I should have left this spelling error, but I figured that is more important that he learn to spell teacher that "teaching" his teacher a lesson. So, I guess any practice is good.

2.Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Creative Element-Poor. I have never been a fan of coloring in the lines and product oriented art projects in school (e.g., make a Lady Bug and I give you the eyes, dots, a cutout red piece of paper, etc.) These projects seem more for the parent than the kids. We are always so worried about the product or outcome and loose focus of the creative process. So, I agree with many of you that it is nice to have some choice and add some personal touches to our work, select your own cards, etc. This Valentine's project made the kids color in the lines and made the children all the same-which is the teacher's agenda.

3. Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Candy Element Good Most parents, and all bloggers agree, when you attend school, your child will be given so much unhealthy food. There are pizza parties, candy rewards, cupcakes, etc. You wonder why our children are over weight? So removing one day of sweets is not horrible.

3. No, the bat did not have rabies!

4. In the fall I had a party that the number could have been from 0-400 and I estimated 10-40 people. I believe I had 20 people and most only came because they offered to bring dessert.

So in summary, I laughed about Socialist Valentine's Day but it is just one day and will not make or break my child. I am just amused by this teacher's effort and thought it would be fun to share the unique twist that the Ann Arbor Community seems to offer.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Socialist Valentine's Day

We can all agree that Valentine's Day is a little over done these days. Overachieving parents (which includes me) spend a fair amount of money on Valentines and CANDY for each child in the class!! I even ordered darling little stickers that said "Happy Valentine's Day, Love Trip".

Our teacher decided to do away with this effort. All the children in the class were given white sheets of paper with black lined hearts( featured below if you would like to copy) and have to say something nice about each child in the class. They are allowed to decorate the hearts with crayons, colored pencils, etc. Anyway, there no is capitalism involved in this transaction (no economic stimulus activity here). No independent, unique, creativity in design, card selection, candy choices, etc. Also, thinking of something kind to say about the class bully, is really a lesson in "putting on a false smile and digging deep for a kind thought".

Anyway, my older daughter said---that teacher took all the fun out of Valentine's Day!

What do you think? Is this China Cultural Valentine Revolution or Valentine's Day Evolution?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Second Weddings Etiquette?--HELP WANTED

Even though I have my own thoughts on this, a friend of mine (Mary) wanted me to solicit my blogging friend's thoughts on this one.

Mary's brother is getting married (for a second time) to a woman that has never been married -so, the bride's first wedding.

Because my friend Mary had been to her brother's first wedding that was a weekend in Palm Beach, Florida (10 yrs. ago, without children, paid for expense hotels, airfare, etc.), she is a little angry about participating in the second wedding to Mary's former babysitter-long story. Here are her questions to you:

1) Is $140 too much to send on a junior bride's maid dress for Mary's daughter and her sister's daughter for a second wedding? Mary is not in the wedding but her husband and son have to rent black tie too. Mary can afford the dress but it will never be worn again.

2) Mary's daughter (who is 12) is suppose to play in a junior national field hockey tournament--only once a year, the same weekend as the wedding. This tournament was planned a year in advance and her daughter could play in it next year. Mary's daughter tried out for the team Olympic Future's program (which is a big deal) and is practicing all spring for this once a year tournament. Do you think Mary's daughter could miss the wedding? It is a two day tournament in PA (8 hours away).

I have my own thoughts on this but wanted a reality check. Anyway, please let me know what you think.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ok, I am a little obsessed with Dale of Norway sweaters. This company always makes the official Winter Olympic Sweater. I am waiting to see what the sweater looks like for the 2010 games. Nothing keeps you warmer on the slopes under your ski jacket. I am gearing up for going skiing either out west (maybe Aspen or Park City) or to Mont Tremblant over winter break in Feb. I am just a little cold this winter. Are any of you skiers out there?