Thursday, February 12, 2009


You all have such wonderful thoughts and comment. One blogger (MomX2)-a blog that I love to read, asked me "how are we (the commenters) doing?" on my Socialist Valentine post. I thought I would follow-up because I received such wonderful thoughts.

1. Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Academically-Good: Actually, my son really enjoyed doing it and did not seem to miss the candy, selecting his own cards, etc. So, I agree with many of you that this was not all bad. From an academic standpoint, I am concerned that this is the most writing that my son has done all year. The card to his teacher said" Mr. Wright, thank you for TETCHING ME". I should have left this spelling error, but I figured that is more important that he learn to spell teacher that "teaching" his teacher a lesson. So, I guess any practice is good.

2.Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Creative Element-Poor. I have never been a fan of coloring in the lines and product oriented art projects in school (e.g., make a Lady Bug and I give you the eyes, dots, a cutout red piece of paper, etc.) These projects seem more for the parent than the kids. We are always so worried about the product or outcome and loose focus of the creative process. So, I agree with many of you that it is nice to have some choice and add some personal touches to our work, select your own cards, etc. This Valentine's project made the kids color in the lines and made the children all the same-which is the teacher's agenda.

3. Socialist Valentine's Day Project-Candy Element Good Most parents, and all bloggers agree, when you attend school, your child will be given so much unhealthy food. There are pizza parties, candy rewards, cupcakes, etc. You wonder why our children are over weight? So removing one day of sweets is not horrible.

3. No, the bat did not have rabies!

4. In the fall I had a party that the number could have been from 0-400 and I estimated 10-40 people. I believe I had 20 people and most only came because they offered to bring dessert.

So in summary, I laughed about Socialist Valentine's Day but it is just one day and will not make or break my child. I am just amused by this teacher's effort and thought it would be fun to share the unique twist that the Ann Arbor Community seems to offer.


Nantucket Karen said...

Great post!! It was a "unique" twist!! Hope you have a fabulous Valentine's Weekend!!

Mom x 2 said...

I actually wanted to know what you thought of the comments on the the 2nd wedding post! But I love your answers about the valentine's day. I especially agreed with you on the idea of the art projects that are so rigid (your ladybug example was spot on!).

I wish our kids had more time/opportunities to be creative. Our elementary offers after school programs like Tae Kwan Do and basketball and drawing. I've had mini #1 in drawing all school year because I don't feel he gets enough art - he gets more than enough sports.

Princess Freckles said...

I think you have a really good outlook on things. I think it must be hard to try to deal with some of the Ann Arbor Communities' ideas! :) My library did take a trip to tour your new "green" libraries recently. I must say, they were really neat!

A2Girl said...

Just as a side note -- I was told today by a couple of 5th graders at our local public school that they could not celebrate Valentine's Day in their class because they have a student who is a Jahovah's Witness....this has been confirmed by the parents. Am I the only one who is bothered by this?