Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Monday, June 21, 2010


Well, off for a month and have been busy with graduation (8th grade and 5th grade), confirmation party, tennis (my daughter went to the state championship), etc. I wanted to share with you my daughter's invitation (very small party) and her gift to her mentor. I think her mentor may have been expecting something made by may daughter. Oh, well--having a personalized paper weight is much more important than something from the heart of a child on her spiritual journey.



And on to summer.....

We belong to two clubs, a Country Club and an outdoor pool and tennis club call the Ann Arbor Racquet Club. Despite having clay courts, Racquet Club is a little less formal --as I say..people may remove their children's swim suits in front of you on the pool deck and at our CC, you are reprimanded if your shorts are too short.

One event that the Racquet Club does offer is on Sunday nights, they have "Coals and Ice". You pack your dinner and the club grills it for you. Ice is provided if you need to cool down your wine. The coals are used also for cooking s'mores.

My friends and I start out the summer very fancy and bring dishes, glasses, fancy napkins,corked wine bottles, gourmet food, etc. By the end of the summer, we are using the clubs paper plates and napkins and twist-off bottles only!

As a "want-a-be" wine snob, I did purchase a plastic Riedel crystal looking glass for $2.99 at Target. Plastic and wine really do not go together, glass at the pool and they look like the you are smelling the bouquet of the wine vs. polycarbonate.

The club provides tablescloths, candles, and it is really a fun, event with lots of sharing of gourmet dishes and much wine flowing. Sundays 6-9pm