Tuesday, May 27, 2008


What can I say, Boatman Geller does it again!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My New Puppies--Foo Puppies

I would like to introduce you to my newly adopted Herend Foo puppies Dingbang (English translation: Protector of the Country) and Wang (English translated: Wish) adopted from Ebay for 25% of the retail value! The dogs that no one wanted are finally mine. My long awaited anniversary, birthday and Mother's Day gift. They will placed along side my tureen (pictured below).

Saturday, May 10, 2008

On the Bandwagon Again!

Dear Whole Foods, For all the organic food you produce and purity you promote, you were always quick to slip my shopping goods in a plastic bag and a very nice heavy one at that. So after ten plus years of plastic (actually I usually requested paper), you have changed. Now, as always, the good towns people of Ann Arbor have jumped on the most recent crazy...BRING YOUR BAG TO THE STORE MONTH! In fact, they bring the dirty bags ( I think they use to stuff in their mattresses for extra cushioning). It just looks unclean. I guess some bag "style" is order for these people so their raw chicken juice can drip into something really expensive and chic! Since I cannot usually remember take my keys out of the ignition before I leave the car, I probably will not remember my snazzy grocery bags...but when I do, I will look great. Here are a few ideas for my preppy friends:

" The Original"

My Favorite

From : B-Happy Bags

By Marc Jacob

A little German Flare


A little French Flare (cannot find the source) Made of recycled sails.

Now that is recycling!

Recycled Sails

From : B-Happy Bags

From : B-Happy Bags

Walmart Bags Are Not too Bad!

(Available at Any Fine Walmart Store)

My Favorite Store Bag ($1.99)

Trader Joe

Saturday, May 3, 2008


My monogram would look perfect here!

Hung on Words will put your monogram or saying on your basket. The baskets come in 2 sizes small $70 large $90 includes the custom sign. Many color options are available. A Monogram Shop owner in Harbor Springs has an adorable baby blue cruiser with a white seat and a white basket with a baby blue monogram. She parks her bicycle in front of her store! To order

Contact: Denise Copp

Hung on Words


404.351.7101 fax denisecopp@mac.com info@hungonwords.com

Friday, May 2, 2008

Love this Bicycle! Does it come in Pink?

Like Tres Posh Preppy, I am on the hunt for a Beach Cruiser that I can ride to our neighborhood tennis/pool club and around town. I even have the basket picked out with a monogram wooden plate on the front of it. Since I need a few gears (to make it up the hill), I am looking for something with at least 3. I discovered this great blog Heather "Bunny" Tomerlin where she featured this bicycle and several other items that I love. I adore this blog and this bicycle, but would like a pink or baby blue version. Still searching....