Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A really lovely gift my parents have given my daughters has been a place setting of a silver pattern (selected by my mother) every year for their birthday. My daughters both have complete sets now and are moving onto serving pieces. I hope they like the patterns that were selected. If not, they can just leave them with me!

For my son's birhday every year, they give him a 100 year old silver dollar and a current year silver dollar.

Daughter C's Silver Patter: Spanish Provincial by Towle

Daughter B's Silver Pattern Joan of Arc by International

My silver pattern: Modern Victorian by Lunt (this is my mom's too--am I smart or what! I have 24 placesettings for large parties!) Some pieces are monogrammed with an "A".

My dream patterns (for my second set) are either going to be from Tiffany or Christofle (my everyday stainless is from Christofle. )

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dean & Deluca!

Green Tea Truffles
Dear Dean& Deluca- I just received your catalogue today and if you are looking for a new location...try Ann Arbor. Love the Halloween products too!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Love Orange (for you BK) and Hermes!

Permanently Preppy

In spite of my lack of blog postings, one thing is still true.... I am still Permanently Preppy! I am just having a little "blogger's block".

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Tomorrow night September 13th, 8pm Shirley MacLaine will be playing Coco Chanel. Should be fun and interesting. In honor this event, here is a Polyvore Collection that I found put together by a fellow Polyvore member. In Polyvore, type in Chanel and you find some great collections that people put together.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, I took a little vacation from blogging and then became engrossed in the political game unfolding these past two weeks. I did not want to blog about my views, interpretations etc., because very few from the competing side will agree and this blog is suppose to be fun to read.

One item that I believe all women and bloggers may agree on is the treatment of our Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates by the media. Whether you supported Hillary or currently McCain, something is not right when we present strong, highly qualified women and all the media seems to talk about is there clothing, marriage or children. In particular, the media seems to focus on how bad of wife (Hillary--should have divorced Bill) or how poor of mother (Palin) tend to be. I have yet to hear any of Hillary's nor Palin's accomplishments presented.

If you are adoring wife, we (the women of America) are dying to know why your husband loves you so much! Maybe the women in this country have brains and want to talk about qualifications and issues here!!

Picking on a 17 year old child of a candidate is inexcusable and trashy---US Magazine will never be purchased by our family again-mostly my daughters like this trash and that will give me even more of a reason. Sorry, don't get me started!