Monday, April 1, 2013


After attending many graduation parties in my day, one thing that I like is a nice photograph display.
Everyone gets very emotional about their children's photographs as they grow up, hence huge display boards at graduation parties with 100's of photographs.  Maybe grandma and grandpa will take the time to look at all the photographs you displayed of your little darling, but most of the world really does not care about the picture of your child loosing their first tooth.  I actually had an email from a reader asking me what I did for my graduation party last year, so here is what I did:

1.  SHADOW BOXES (for permanent display my daughter's room) displaying her tennis varsity letter with a few photographs, etc.; one of her senior project which was a dog collar line, and one of her Prudential Award she received.   I displayed these on the piano in our living room.

2. PHOTOGRAPHS: Selected 14 of my favorite photographs of my daughter and blew them up to 14 x 17 and made them black white-about $1 each,  and framed with inexpensive frames from Michael's. I attached these frames to the walls with magic hooks. They decorated the dining room.

3.  SLIDE SHOW--for our family graduation day lunch (which was a separate event), we put together a slide show of family members with my daughter and a few key photographs. Our family watch it during our family lunch and really enjoyed it. We put this on our huge computer during graduation party-but no one (besides family and close friends) really looked at it--KEY include your family members and close friends in the slides.