Monday, May 9, 2016

15 Minutes of Fame

1.  My husband in Iraq assisting with reconstruction efforts in IRAQ and made Bill Khakis Free Press.
Bills Khakis Free Press Fall 2004

2. My husband is credited for getting the Chinese to release the US spy plane and is featured on the front page of the New York Times.

"Standoff Brings Calls to Boycott Chinese Goods "

3. There is even a cartoon in the NY Times about him.

Political Cartoon Illustrating His Meeting with the Chinese Ambassador

(I purchased the original cartoon from Denziger for my husbands 40th birthday)

Well, my husband has been:

1. Interviewed and quoted above the fold in the NY Times;

2. Had a political cartoon made about him and his actions while meeting with the Chinese Ambassador when our plane was being held hostage;

3. Has been featured in a national Bill Khaki's Newsletter (Bill Bradly was the quarter before) while in Iraq;

4. Testified in front of congress

5. Has run for political office

6. Received the Order of the Arrow award for Boy Scouts

7. and was one step away from being the Ambassador to the Dominican Republic in 2002.

I guess he has had more than his share of fame don't you think?

15 minutes of Fame

It this important to us?
Me, I run a successful business for 18 years, MSU Dance team in college, community leader and PTO president, chosen for Leadership Michigan when I was 22years old, etc. Not above the fold in the NY Times that's for sure, but I feel fairly accomplished, but have many years to go.

Is fame important for self-actualization?