Friday, August 14, 2009

Good-bye MomAgenda--I am a FamilyTime.Mine Girl!


These are my friends Sarah and Lisa (and their beautiful families) who started a wonderful business of planners call Familytime.mine (part of the dot.mine group). They sell their products on their own website and through Amazon and Borders (Borders has exclusive designs made just for them). Their planners are designed for busy mothers who have to manage the lives of their busy children. Lisa and Sarah sat down with a bunch of active women who gave input into the actual functionality, layout and design their planners and voila....FamilyTime.mine was born. I AM A HUGE FAN!

I have been using these planners for the past three years. Last year, I lost my FamilyTime.Mine planner and because I was in Chicago and desperate, I replaced it with a MomAgenda--big mistake. MomAgendas are way too small. I need space for all my kids activities and always had 8.5x11 inch paper sticking out of my planner--I looked like a slob!

I also use google calendar, but when I am in a meeting, I like looking at a monthly and yearly calendar--I guess I am a big picture type girl and need to see it all.

Cute Bubbles (Time.Mine-Standard Calendar)

Purples are "in" for fall--great cover (FamilyTime.Mine)

Love this one--so fresh! (FamilyTime.Mine)

Fun Dots! (FamilyTime.Mine)

Month at a Glance -FamilyTime.Mine

Has Week At A Glance too -FamilyTime.Mine

Lots of extras--I write it all down here and keep my calendars year after year!

These fabulous calendars are available on Amazon, or Borders Stores,

Let me know what type of calendar you are using!!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Vera Bradley Inspired Cookies and Cakes

Wedgwood Inspired Monogram Cookies

Etsy: SweetAmbs