Saturday, October 18, 2008


Well, we are almost at the end of a wonderful and fun field hockey season. What a great and exciting sport. My oldest daughter plays on our JV team and my other on her middle school team. My oldest daughter is off to a tournament today and I have never seen her so excited.

We encourage our girls and son to be on at least one team sport and do one individual sport. My oldest daughter plays field hockey and tennis (individual). She is debating about playing basketball this winter. My other daughter plays field hockey, golf and dances. She is debating about playing tennis or soccer at school in the spring. When referring to team sports, I think of a sport that you interact with your team the entire game (swim, golf, tennis, etc., are not considered teams sports).

Our friend's daughters are playing field hockey at Brown and Dartmouth (next year). Pretty impressive! Also, field hockey is really not crowded like soccer where you have 150 girls trying out for the varsity teams. There is not travel involved until you get to high school (unlike soccer). We are fortunately that we have access to the University of Michigan field hockey team and facility.

Anyway, a great sport and a very fun season. We found this Hot Chocolate container at Dunham's last night to keep B warm during the tournament.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This is the news story on the Red Cross ball. My husband and our friend are behind. Very nice event--all the wait staff and valet workers were in uniform. There was a big band that honored all military veterans by playing army, navy, etc. song while they stood. Fun times. I wore my St. John Knit black. I missed the fact that I was suppose to wear red. Oh well~

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Love the book, love the rings by Tiffany--the necklace is even more affordable. Just a little semi-precious glitter on a Wednesday. Have a great day!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Halloween Inspirations

Halloween Inspiration!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Autumn Inspiration & Party Planning

Source Pierre

How do you plan for a party in which the attendance may vary from between 0-410?

We are having at our home a coffee, dessert and oh yes, VINO with our children's private school headmaster--Come for a conversation with the Headmaster.

The entire middle school is invited. I tried to get the school to send an Evite, but my effort failed. Now, how do you plan a event for a large attendance range like this? Here is my math:

1. Hardly anyone will come because it is in the evening on a Thursday and most people work the next day.

2. Very few have any pressing issues to discuss or many already know our Headmaster

3, Very few people eat dessert.

4. People will attend because they know me, the PTO has asked them bring a dessert or they just want to get out of their home.

5. People are a little burned out because they have attended so many school events.

Estimate: 24-48 people

Desserts needed: 8

Cases of wine: 1 ---1/2 red 1/2 white

Coffee: 36 cups

Sparkling water: 6 bottles

Cheese plate

I will let you know how it goes.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


A really lovely new blog (at least new to me) is The Finer Things. I wrote a note asking for advice for my parent's 50th Anniversary party that is in 6 weeks and am heading toward a gold and brown theme. This is the beautiful post that was put together by Kati for little ole' me! I feel so honored! Make sure you check out Kati's other beautiful posts including a Prirate Party inspired by One Fabulous Mom. Thank you Finer Things and my favorite stationery company, Fine Stationery.


Fellow cyber-buddies--I am updating my blog roll since some bloggers no longer exist or some links are incorrect. There are those reading my blog that I have failed to include on my list (sorry). Since I have been a little busy, I have not updated my blog roll in a while. Please let me know if you are following my blog and would like to be included.

Now in thinking about the Christmas holidays (Santa made me think of this), I saw this on the Stationery Studio website! Love it. Could be reproduced inexpensively by those who have the time.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Posted: Need Three Ball Gowns

Ballgowns and Ann Arbor do not go together, but yes, believe it or not, we are being taken to two formal events in the next two months--Red Cross Ball and St. Joseph Holiday Ball, and then optimistically, the Presidential Inaugural Ball in January. My standby is my St. John Knit long skirt and 2-3 elegant jackets. These jackets are beautiful and special, but not too memorable. Unless I want to wear a teen homecoming dress, my other options are "0".

Here are few pictures from the St. Joe Ball last Dec. The theme was Casablanca and we raised $600,000. This year the theme is Winter Wonderland and our goal is $1million. I have the honor of being the Bathroom (Lounge) Decorating Chair--actually is really a big deal--really. We have to transform sports arena bathrooms into a place that people spending $1250 a couple would find fitting. If you have any thoughts, I would really appreciate it.

Below are some pictures of the 2007 Ball where we created Rick's Cafe with Turkish Coffee,etc.

This is a basketball arena at Eastern Michigan University.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


My dream is to have Monograminc.Com design a monogram for me to use on stationery and linens. My monogram is MAM--and if we were to use our combined married monogram--which is not really proper to use, it spells DAM or MAD--(never marry a man whose last name starts with a vowel--your monogram spells a word--just kidding). A simple A would be nice and help to avoid all issues.


Observing people in a big city made me realize, "Mothers...teach your sons some manners!"


WHO: Men in black tie and woman in fancy dresses going to a formal event

WHAT: Elevator opens and one man walks out before everyone, second man waits for all women including us to exit elevator.

SUMMARY: Ditch that man (the one that walked out before everyone else) he is not all concerned about you or other people.


WHO: Long haired, unshaven men in jeans, tee shirts, beat up car, baseball hats and smoking picking up two women and a baby from the train station.

WHAT:Woman are loading luggage and baby into the car while men sit in front seat smoking and talking. Men did not bring a car seat so baby was sitting on his mother's lap in the back seat.

SUMMARY: Since a baby is involved, I am guessing that you are stuck with him. All you can do is teach your son to be a better person.

Here are few etiquette books and dvd's for our boys.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Well, I just returned home from a wonderful weekend in Chicago. Dirty Dancing was incredible! We loved the dancing and a very cleaver stage presentation! Lunch at Ralph Lauren, Neiman Marcus (love those warm popovers), Tea at the Peninsula, Red Door Spa, Mario Tricoci and dinner at the Atwood Grill. Overall, great fun and relaxing--thanks sis!
Ralph Lauren Dirty Dancing
"No one puts Baby in the corner"
"I carried a watermelon"

Friday, October 3, 2008


I managed to read a book on the always late train to Chicago--Richistan! I think you will all love it. My interest as a former marketing gal continues to be how consumers shop and live. I was always putting together lifestyle boards for work, etc. The books is written by a Wallstreet Journal reporter, Robert Frank who actually lived in among the wealthy. This book breaks the rich in the USA and world into the following categories:


Household Net Worth: $1million to $10 million

Population: 7.5 million households

Chief Source of Wealth: Salaries, small business, equity

Average 2006 Spending: Watches: $2000 * Cars $44,000 *Jewelry: $9200 * Spa Services: $5300

Primary Residence: $810,000


Household Net Worth: $10 million to $100 million

Population: 2+ million households

Chief Source of Wealth: Business Ownership , Equity, Salaries

Average 2006 Spending: Watches: $71000 * Cars $158,000 *Jewelry: $126,000 * Spa Services: $42,000

Primary Residence: $3.8 million


Household Net Worth: $100 million to 1 billion

Population: in the thousands

Chief Source of Wealth: Business Ownership , Equity

Average 2006 Spending: Watches: $182000 * Cars $311,000 *Jewelry: $397,000 * Spa Services: $169,000

Primary Residence: $16.2 million

What I found most interesting, this new wealth group really live in their own world. They care little about being allowed into the old money clubs, so successful Donald Trump, are building new private clubs for them that cost $250,000 to join. They want philanthropy to perform and are willing to boot the old money guard to accomplish their goals. They want big planes, big boats, big houses, and flant their money vs. hide it. They are raising their kids differently (teaching them to manage their money vs. being trust fund babies with hobbies) too. They work hard and play hard. I think you will find this book worth reading.

New Watch: Franck Muller

Rolex ranked 10th, Cartier Ranked 13th and Breguet is #5

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Taking the train to Chicago for a little R&R with my sister who lives in Chicago. We are checking into a hotel and going to a spa. We are also going to see Dirty Dancing-- Tres Posh, will let you know how it is. Hope to see my darling nephew and his parents. Have a great weekend.
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