Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Color Coding My Kids

When my daughters were little, they wore a lot of the same pieces of clothing and were pretty close in size. I would find an outfit that was so cute, but did not want to purchase two in the exact same color for sisters. To keep their clothing straight, a lot of the time I would purchase pink for my youngest daughter and light blue for my oldest daughter. The GAP made this easy because most outfits would come in both color combinations. This really helped in sorting laundry. At one time, I even monogrammed their little white Nordstrom undergarments in an effort to keep everything straight.

This effort has of color coding my kids has continued with my son who is coded "green". This really comes in handy for water bottles, etc. We still have items monogrammed (sports bags from LL Bean are navy with each child's monogram).

I love these water bottles because you can put them in the freezer and the outside fluid freezes and keeps the water bottle cold.


Canadian Preppy said...

That is too cute!lol
My mother did the exact same thing when my sisters and i were kids. My code was purple.

Lis said...

The hubby and I have these too for bike riding and I LOVE them! We also joke each other if we take the wrong "color" one - "The blue one's mine - use your own!" :) At least it keeps him away from my palm tree Tervis tumbler! :)

Torch Lake Prep said...

We do the same, I need to find new lids for our many bottles, the kids seem to enjoy chewing on the caps or using their teeth to open them and they are looking gross!

Kate said...

I think it is a great idea-makes everything easier!