Friday, January 1, 2010

Are you Team Jacob or Team Edward?

My daughters are definitely team Jacob. I guess werewolves are more appealing than vampires. I actually prefer humans myself. Nordstrom bet that the New Moon phenomena would be a hit and hence, the entire teen department was covered with Twilight shirts, jewelery, etc. My oldest daughter wanted a shirt and make-up for Christmas.

I thought I was too old or too normal to like this series, but it all came home to me when there was an older woman (70's) at the make-up counter testing the Twilight make-up and said she loves the books, reads them and goes to the movies with her daughters. She obvious likes them enough to want to purchase high-priced make-up that says Twilight. I guess I am not too old, but maybe too normal. Let me know what team you are on! Jacob or Edward.

Make-up line only at Nordstrom

Team Jacob Shirt-Family Crest (yes, even werewolves can have crests)


Lipstick said...

Oh my goodness...I did not know about the makeup!
I just love that there was a 70 year old in the Twilight department!!! I want to be like that!

You know-Mommy Lipstick and I can't stop talking about how Edward looked kinda gross at the end of New Moon...

Pink Julep said...

TEAM EDWARD all the way!!!

kpetterson said...

You might not think it's "normal" to not be into Twilight once you read the book. There is a reason why it's so big and it's not just because of teenagers. (though they do seem to think they rule the world. :) I was in your shoes and was finally convinced by a girlfriend of mine to read it. I couldn't put it down and I do not like vampires.

Holly said...

omg totally team jacob ! love your posts :)