Friday, January 1, 2010

RESOLUTION #1: Take More Videos

This is the camera my daughters received from Santa. You can actually customize it through Cafe Press to include your photos or any dream you may have. I tried to get a Lilly Pulitzer print on one for you but did not have any luck. Over 1000 varieties available including New Moon-Team Jacob which is big at my house. I selected the middle one for my daughter (which proceeds go to purchasing these cameras for non profits).
The Cameras did not arrive until after the big day since I purchased them off of the Flip Camera website vs. Cafe Press.
These cameras are great and hold 60 minutes (120 minute available) and have a USB connector that plugs right into your computer. No cords!

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Anonymous said...

those are very cool. can you let me know how they end up working? I need a camera but then i'm like- what am i going to do with the videos?