Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I love reading the blog "One Fabulous Mom". Not only is this blogger cleaver and entertaining to read, she actually has brushes and sighting with celebrities. Since her husband is in the film business, just reading this blog make me feel like I have a connection to Hollywood from the perspective of non-celebrity, interesting person.

In Ann Arbor, we have a few celebrities...mostly sports related. Of course Jeff Daniels (Dumb and Dumber--which I am sure he thinks of this movie as his finest work) is around living the quiet life in Chelsea,Michigan. So, my only brush with fame is with my dog CoCo.

My dog CoCo is a Model! Yes, you can purchase a picture of Coco on a the Nina Hauser Photography website . In addition to Nina's beautiful, unique photographs, she takes pictures from the perspective of her dog, Theo. My English Springer Spaniel likes to scare and bark at Theo. I told Nina that we would pay for the therapy.

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The Mrs. said...

What a sweet mention! I do love my brushes with the celebs. Makes me feel special!!! Your dog is gorgeous!!!