Monday, June 23, 2008


My 15 years of experience as a mother has taught me is that there are a lot of different camp options for your children in the summer. Some are better than others. I really stopped most day camps unless I am sure that they have a great track record and really give my children a unique experience.

This year, my daughter C--11yrs. and son T-8yrs are off to the Toledo Zoo. C-is a Junior Zoo Keeper and T- is in a Reseach and Enrichment camp. Tonight T had to hang two different types of bird feeders he made at camp today and write/journal about the success of each. My daughter C fed a Giraffe today. What a great experience! Makes me feel better about the 2 hours I am driving (4 tomorrow since I have a meeting back home).

Here is my list to evaluate a day camp:

1. Who is putting it on and is it providing a unique experience for my children?

2. Are they acquiring a skill or exposure to a group of people that is not possible any other way? For example: My daughter B is at the University of Michigan Tennis Camp this week. She is loving being with the college players. She has met good friends (she met them last year), is playing a lot of tennis and it is 10 minutes from home.

3. Is is educational?

4. Cost per hour. U of M Tennis Camp is $16 per hour including lunch and bowling outing. Zoo Camp is $10 per hour plus one meal at the zoo on Friday and drinks everyday--a bargain!

5. Education of Staff (are these college graduates or high school students?) My daughter C said...I did not know you had to go to college to take care of animals at the Zoo.

6. Is it Fun!

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