Thursday, June 5, 2008


My crazy school year life is slowly wrapping up. I managed to squeeze a few fun activities in for me too including book group where my friend MP put strawberries in our wine...yum! She had glorious mini cupcakes too. Tomorrow is graduation for 8 th Grade. A one hour ceremony, new dress, manicure, and hair cut for my oldest daughter plus a small reception at our house before she and her girlfriends go to a party at our teen center (started by the Junior League). We have field day/barbecue for my son at a park (I am hopefully trying to squeeze in an appearance), my second daughter is taking her Senior Buddy out for lunch (6th graders team up with a senior) and the mom is coming and then a separate high school graduation party that night. The end of the year is crazy and fun. Even though eighth grade is a small mile-stone, it is hard to believe we only have 4 more years with my oldest. So many things I still want to do with her...Grand Canyon, Asia, Galapagos Islands, etc.

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linda said...

I totally understand...I have a 7th grader, and I can't believe it will be 5 years until she's in college- where did the years go. We also, have a list of "to visit" places before she leaves the nest.