Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Symbolic Representation of My Summer Life--Rubik's Cube

All I can say is that I need a manager to run my summer. This is one of those weeks of quadruple simultaneous bookings (four social activities booked for Friday night at the same time--not possible for my husband to be at Cub Camp and go out to a dinner party for friends moving to Korea and be at my parent's home for a dinner party, etc. ). Making the sides all align of my Rubik's Cube is such a challenge (each side is a family member and usually all need to align on schedule)--only 3 weeks left of summer break and we still need to squeeze in a family vacation. Things are just crazy but fun!


Becs said...

Summer is flying by! Good Luck this weekend with the double bookings!Becs

Prep in the country said...

Looks like you are crazy busy. Summer moves way to fast for my liking. Hope you get your bookings sorted out.