Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, Happy Easter to all those family, friends and fellow bloggers.

Just a quick blog before we hit the club for Brunch. Christmas is full of traditions while a little thin. But here are our traditions... 1. Fish Dinner Friday with Friends (we hosted it this year)

2. Saturday, Easter Party at Grandmother's place

3. Saturday Night, Dinner at my mom's and egg decorating

4. Baskets put out and kids leave a note and carrots for E. Bunny and the E.Bunny writes back.

5. We read..."The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes "

6. Eggs left by E. Bunny filled with $$ --8 inches of snow means inside egg hunt.

7. Baskets are left wrapped in cellophane with a bow and custom name card tied in the bow.

8. Baskets are hidden by E. Bunny and are hard to find.

9. Church

10 Brunch at the club

11. Visit to Great Grandma

Even more impressive this year, because I am so picky, my children's baskets are white with green polka dot ribbon, white with pink polka dot ribbon and white with aqua polka dot ribbon. I have matching paper grass, custom name tags that match the ribbon and a white bow that holds the cellophane and name tag in place. Last year, I actually put everything (ribbon, grass, name tag and cellophane) in a Ziplock bag and saved it. This year, my life was a breeze and it took 5 minutes to assemble the baskets. This year my kids received a nice book, bag of pink, green and yellow maltballs, sugarless gum, matching calculators (pink, aqua or green), pencils, a Webkin Bunny, and clear game cards (old maid, crazy-8's, etc.)..these are new, Burt Bee's travel kit and footcare kit, and misc. boy toys..gummy egg (not edible) and a little plane, frog, etc. Lots of fun and excitment. WHAT ARE YOUR TRADITIONS?

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The Mrs. said...

Your traditions are so great I need to adopt a few of yours!!!!! I like the saturday easter dinner! Brilliant! We do brunch at my place and church, then after nap easter bunny leaves a gift by the front door. This year it was a monogrammed chair for Landon! Next year egg decorating!