Thursday, February 14, 2013


I try never to really talk about politics with people because people tend to want to win a political debate with you verses exchange ideas and frankly where we live, people get rather nasty!  I just "disengage, dis-en-gage!"--from the movie, The Incredibles. 

Here are some belated highlights from the Republican Convention.  We were in a suite overlooking the convention floor--the only way to do it, and frankly the only reason we legally crashed the convention.  Our DD #2 was 1 of 4 high school interns for the convention (another reason we went was to drive her to work).   One of her big jobs was finding a steamer and steaming the Olympian's coats.  I think they did not even end up wearing the jackets after all that. Don't get into a debate with her on politics, you would be sure to loose!

 My son-13 years old

Gov. Chris Christie

 Fox News Megyn Kelly
Because our booth was the fundraising booth, it has some really good wine available.  Also, all the politicians stop by to meet the donors, etc.  We could see the Fox News broadcast and had a great view.  And yes I know, Mitt Romeny lost--the party was still great though.

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