Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Living in Ann Arbor, people speak their mind freely when they are offended and we are totally geared toward doing what is best for the minor at the expense of the majority. More on this at a later time).

Hence, our school party this year is a Happy New Year party. Our elementary school is composed of many multi-cultural students (and mind you, it is never the foreign student's parents that complain), so holiday parties are always a problem. Some schools have just stopped having parties all together.

A few years ago, a parent in our school sent a rather rude letter home asking that no gingerbread homes be made because it was a Christian activity (but we can still play the dreidel game). The following year, my friends who is Muslim said, if we are going to talk about the dreidel and Hanukkah, then we need to talk about Eid. Exhausting! I would love for you to talk about them just not out of retribution.

My suggestion to all you parents out there is to..... stop being so offended all the time. I am sorry that Christmas is such a big deal in this country. My children love celebrating all holidays so please share yours with us and try not to restrict others' efforts.

Final piece of advice---worry about your own child. Do not send a letter to the entire school prohibiting gingerbread houses and stop worrying about the entire school playing the dreidel game. Make sure your own child understands the importance of learning about others cultures, is willing to share his/her own and stop being so offended all the time!!!!

So you see where we are--Happy New Year! We will be cheering in the New Year at 3:25pm on Friday if you want to join us. Cupcake--a favorite from Flickr (I have been saving it all year and no, I did not make it and probably will not make ever in my life time.


Princess Freckles said...

I completely agree with you about people this time of year! People do need to quit complaining and be responsible for raising and educating their own child.

I do hope the New Year party was fun though! The students deserve to have some sort of holiday party!

Mags said...

I totally agree with you. There are too many Grinches out there taking our holiday traditions away from the kids at school, and it seems to get worse and worse each year. Rather than do that, we should include other cultural holidays as a learning experience for all the children. So, Happy New Years to you and yours....and Merry Christmas too!!!

Michelle said...

you GO girl! I couldn't agree more!
My son is only 2 so I'm seriously dreading all of this drama!


*Kimmie* said...

A good friend teaches 1st grade. I had to help her out by baking Christmas cupcakes for her holiday party. She was exhausted from cooking to cover all of her bases.

Kappa Prep said...

I am right there with you! Complaining usually does no one any good in these types of situations. It just seems to spoil the fun of many other which is very, very sad in my opinion. I hope you New Years Party was fabulous!!

Preppy 101 said...

I agree with you. Overall, I am not fond of the whiners, complainers, etc. People sometimes are just looking for an opp to complain!

SPG said...

I'm agree with you. Hope you have fun in your New Years Party

Tickled Pink Talk said...

gingerbread houses?!? seriously??? ugh. I am all for celebrating all holidays, but gingerbread houses??? crazy!
Happy New Year! Does this mean I can have a glass of champagne at 3:25 on Friday????

Mom x 2 said...

Yes, yes, gingerbread houses are SO Christian. I seem to recall it was one of the gifts the wise men brought to baby Jesus. A gingerbread house. *rolls eyes*

My oldest is in KG so I have many more years of school activities at the holidays. But I was pleasantly surprised by his school's activities. They had a KG singalong the other day and they sang Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa songs. Today I volunteered in his class and we decorated Christmas cookies, make latkes, played a dreidel game and made Santa ornaments. It was great. No one felt excluded.

The 5 Bickies said...

It can be so frustrating. Our school sticks with a winter theme...snowmen only. At least New Year's adds a new twist.

After 6 years in this district I am amazed at the number of parents who make an occupation out of complaining!

The wife said...

I couldn't agree more! These people are the same ones who will always see their cup as half empty rather than half full and are never going to look at the educational opportunity for not only their children, but themselves.