Monday, January 14, 2008

Smathers & Branson

I have included on my blog a section of shopping sites for husbands, sons and boyfriends. My husband is always on the looking for unique classic clothing so I will share my findings with others looking for the same. My dream is to needlepoint belts for my son and husband (golf course design belt). Since I am still working on a pillow I started this summer (and the hard elements were done for me), I thought it would be best to purchase my husband a belt. Here is the belt I selected. I think the $165 price tag is definitely fair when it comes to time and materials required to make my own. I just doesn't have the same meaning, but it works all the same. At this point, the only other company I have included is Bill Khakis--others to follow when I get the time. Bill Khakis featured my husband in their newsletter and website (standing in Iraq), so he made the request for them to be on my blog.

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