Saturday, January 12, 2008


After 20 long years of using my preppy yellow golf bag, and three years of research and trying to decide on the perfect bag for the next 20 years, I have settled on the Keri Golf "Nancy" bag. Even though your immediate thought is...."Is black preppy?" Well, my preppy yellow bag was not only dirty looking, it looked like it was starting to grow mold...a little disgusting I must say. Even though the caddies at our club always were willing to drag it out of the bag room, they never really held it too close to them. I went with this bag for the obvious reasons:

1) Black looks good year round and this bag comes with a anti-mold coating (not really).

2) This bag will match all my outfits...even though my clubs stay on the cart, someday I may have to carry them and I cannot clash with my Lilly P

3) This bag comes with a written promise to lower my handicap


5) I am having custom green monogram FootJoy shoes made to match the green on the bag

6) Black makes you look like a serious golfer

7) It has so many pockets for all my lip gloss, sun glasses, sun screen, and 50 golf balls I need to carry because I loose a lot, etc.

8) It has a matching tote bag

Anyway--I am finally at peace with my golf bag. The golf bag selection for preppy girls is pretty limited and Keri seems to have the best selection. Lilly Pulitzer had one too but I choose to go with this one for all the above reasons.


Pink Golf Tees said...

I, too, love the Keri Golf bags. I just bought the Karleen pink golf bag and love it! The matching pink golf club headcovers are great, too! I've gotten so many compliments on my bag so far. Well worth the price.

- Jen
Pink Golf Tees

iackerman said...

Slam Glam is a fan as well! Beautifully crafted and fabulous colors! Storage for all your golf accessories! Light weight! A true find!