Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Card--I need help!

This was my 2008 Christmas Card. I am looking for something unique and I just loved this idea.
The second picture was framed for my Christmas card framing project I display every year.
If you have seen any cleaver ideas, please send them my way. I do have a nice photograph of my kids too that I can use, but the Tiny Prints card that I fell in love with in Sept. is no longer on their website.
Bummer for me.


Suburban Princess said...

Have you check etsy? There are lots of great sellers on there who will do anything you want!

preppyplayer said...

I'm kinda liking silhouettes. Is there a source for them that could continue with a Christmas theme?
I end up doing a Christmas card every few years and am determined to do something this year.
I think I may go onto shutterfly though. The economy and the ease of shutterfly ( me in my jammies at midnight working on a card is the usual scenrio) is what is determining my card choice this year.

Headbands and Hand Bags said...

I love love that card, it must be the silhouette of your family? I am stealing this idea for the future!

Michelle said...

head over to my blog on Friday. I'm featuring a great card designer AND she's throwing in free return label designs for my readers who order. :) Also, Vistaprint is giving a discount for printing!


Mags said...

I'm struggling with this year's Christmas card as well.

Good luck...I'm sure you'll find something that works great for you. I remember your card from last year.

SB said...

I love the cards you used last year- please share where they're from !

AEOT said...

I adore those cards!! Can you post where you got them?? Super presh!!!

I do love tiny prints- they have great stuff. has a wonderful timeline card that I adore; however, because of the timeline and the customization, it's quite pricey. Check it out though, it's really neat. I used etsy last year to find mine and loved them. They have some great photo card options that you can then have printed at or your local printer. GL!