Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chicago Institute of Art Modern Wing and No to Terzo Piano

Photo by Stephen Johnson
Photo by Stephen Johnson
Well, we made a quick trip to Chicago. It was a fairly major shopping adventure with a few moments of viewing Venetian Nights (fireworks and lighted boat parade) from my sister and brother-in-laws place across from Millennium Park. We also made sure that we made it to the Modern Wing of the Chicago Institute of Arts. It was incredible! Great architecture and wonderful art. There were enough famous pieces sprinkled amongst some innovate works produced for the museum. All the artworks is presented in a simply designed, innovated piece of architecture.
We had one disappointment--it was Terzo Piano. This is a stunning restaurant made of mostly windows that overlook Millennium Park. There are several pieces of stone art inside this restaurant that can be touched, sat on ,etc. The food was 6/10 ; staff was a 0/10; view and atmosphere: 10/10

I am not sure what exactly happened, but my daughter (who is 12) ordered a flat bread pizza and ended up with an antipasti plate. This could have been simply resolved, but my husband said something and the waitress left saying "what a jerk". More importantly, the waitress made my daughter feel just horribly--accusing her of not remembering what she ordered. Maybe she was confused because the menu was partly in Italian--am I in Italy?--I am sorry, I am not and believe me, we are far from it in this restaurant. At least when you are insulted in Italy, it is in Italian and we do not understand what they are saying.

My husband traded his lunch with my daughter, but neither were still happy with the food. My husband even said something to the manager. We received 10% off our bill and my daughter's meal was free. Actually, it is not the money at all. Rarely am I this unhappy that I would write about it--but, this restaurant is trying to play in the "big leagues" and having people leave who are unhappy believing that you ruined their meal, is not good for your reputation. We could not get out of there fast enough! Do not expect perfection here!


LPC said...

How annoying! The least people can do is give value for money spent.

MG said...

What horrible service! I can't believe the waitress tried to act like your daughter couldn't remember what she ordered!

pve design said...

Service is an ART, and at a museum, they should try to
master this!! I was just in Chicago in July, I am glad I did not dine there but what a space!