Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Watches

This year at the pool, instead of the Rolex watches, I have been seeing a lot of Forever21 loose fitting watches like this but mostly in white. Other than the band, these are probably not water proof, but they look great. For $12, you cannot beat it. Forever 21


preppyinnewengland said...

Adorable...and I think my Miss Preppy/Sporty Tween might like one too!

preppyplayer said...

My daughter and I were just in NYC in the wholesale district shopping for my next vendor event and saw an array of colorful, rubber watches-perfect for summer.
I WILL be selling them in white, pink, green, purple and black.
You are a good trend spotter!

Katiellirb said...

Thanks for the trend spotting! I'm going to get myself one!

M.Lane said...

Cool watch, great price.....GREAT tip!


Kate said...

I love this watch-I need a new one so I might have to check this one out!