Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I am back-Hilton Head, U of M Museum of Art and going to the Tau Beta Market

Hilton Head (also, S.C.)
Well, I have returned from my vacation and already, back to reality. How come it only takes 2 days for the vacation to be a distant memory. Hilton Head was fabulous! Love the golf, tennis and of course, the beaches and bike riding. The Lilly P. shop there was incredible and inspired me for summer.

As I am sitting here missing a Symphony luncheon because I went to the wrong club. I am just back from the newly remodeled, University Michigan Art Museum with a bunch of 4th graders(we went to the opening benefit party -which was fabulous). About an 1/10 of the museum (which is new) is dedicated to architectural models of famous, new art museums including the model of the newly renovated museum I was in. A little self referent I would say. U of M just had to start some type of collection of their own that would be unique and this is what they choose--um, I hope it pans out for them. Maybe they are thinking they will someday have a Frank Wright model among them.
My tax dollars at work supporting this...ummmmmmm.

Yes, I did not go to book group. I have not even purchased the book.

I am a lucky girl, on Friday--I am heading to Grosse Pointe to the Tau Beta Market and guess who is coming to town....Peter Beaton Hats from Nantucket! I am so excited and am looking forward to a girl's day out! Tau Beta is a High School sorority and has a very active adult group.

Tau Beta Market (see the vendor list) love!


MG said...

Love the palmetto tree!

M.Lane said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful trip! And any hat with a swanky box...well that is a fine thing!


Pink Martini said...

Love my tiny hula purse from PB on my last trip to the island. Have a great shopping day. Buy something for me! :)

Torch Lake Prep said...

Be sure to check out KEP Designs, she has great jewelry. Bought the pearl and pink quartz bracelet for a recent trip.

littlesack said...

sounds like you've been really busy.

in regards to what you posted on my blog---ive thought about that too. if/when I have kids, what activities will I put them in? (I grew up with dance classes, soccer, and tennis lessons, but chose soccer competitevely), but that line of-- encouraging your kids to be active and have fun and when does it get to be too much- has to be hard to find.

Miss Janice said...

I've spent many fun vacations at Hilton Head and I luuuuv that hat!