Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gift for the President of Ghana

Well, I hope you are not too disappointed and many of you did guess correctly. My gift for the President of the Republic of Ghana, John A.Kufuor was three Martha Stewart wooden picture frames (mahogany looking) and a two Martha Stewart books. I took the US Ambassador to The Republic of Ghana the same gift (since she had a dinner at the Embassy for us too). I went for items that looked expense and attractive, and figured that at most, the palace florist may appreciate Martha Stewart's books. I was shopping for these gifts after the holidays, and the store was pretty limited on merchandise. I did wrap it so it looked like an expensive gift. Unfortunately, I did not even think to consider an Ipod with Presidential speeches on it.

It was the best I could do!

Funny Story:

1. So my daughter who was in 2nd Grade at the time of our visit to Ghana told her friends we were in Ghana and had met the President. Of course her friends did not believe her. My daughter's class was studying Ghana for International night too, so we had the President of Ghana write her teacher a letter thanking her teacher for studying about Ghana and to contact him if she needed any other information. This little effort taught my daughter's friends a little lesson.

2. While we were in Ghana, Kmart filed for Bankruptcy. The President for Ghana said, "That is ok, we as a country have filed for bankruptcy a few times." Nonetheless, it was a little bit of a scandal/ embarrassment and made the front page of the Accra newspaper. We left the country hiding our faces. One day the newspsper read... "Kmart Saves Ghana Textile Industry" and the next it was "Kmart files for Bankruptcy. All hope for the future is off".


Anonymous said...

The ipod was a tad bizarre as a gift, I must say! I wonder what on earth ws downloaded onto it. Saying that, it wouldn't suprise me if the Queen had one already!

plan aCOURTingly said...

Ah, great gift! Who doesn't love some Martha?

Preppy 101 said...

Good choices for your gifts! xoox

Mrs. G said...

Great gifts!

Kappa Prep said...

What great gifts! The iPod was very creative, but more modern than I would have choosen!