Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ICE CREAM WEEK: Eating Etiquette

LICKING VS. BITTING (Well, let me know what you think of this one)

I tried to find a reputable source to discuss this subject. Since most of my old etiquette book authors probably could not fathom that we would be purchasing ice cream from a Dairy Queen stand, there is little about this subject. More current sources say that a "lady should never lick an ice cream cone". To avoid this all together and avoid the wasted calories of a cone, I usually just order it in cup and really need this little silver number:


I know one thing for sure, eating ice cream while walking is probably not very refined and is definitely considered rude in Asia. So, we can probably agree here.


Formal Dinners: Dessert Fork and Dessert Spoon

Well, according to my 1920 Vogue Book of Etiquette, ice cream is an acceptable dessert at a formal dinner party (pie is not appropriate). Present your ice cream in a bowl or plate with an under plate (with a white doily on it of course--can you believe I use to have cloth ones). If presented both a dessert spoon and fork, use the fork for eating the hard part of the ice cream then use the spoon to eat the liquid.

Informal Dinners: Ice Cream Spoons (shown below)

According to one of my favorite entertaining books, The Art of The Table by Susannae Von Drachenfels, Ice Cream Forks are only used for informal dinning. Even so, I love mine that my sister gave me (thanks sis). This book makes a great bridal shower gift and is the bible on table settings and eating.


Preppy 101 said...

I just love your blog and your posts! I have a set of the ice cream spoons. They were my mother's. I love my sterling and my silverplate. I love using all these pretty, unusual things on my table. And I can tell you do, too. I may have to have that book!! And a 1920 Vogue Book - lucky you!! I have a 1921 book called simply Book of Etiquette by Lillian Eichler. I used to take it to school and read excerpts to my students just as a FYI moment. Some things are quite unusual and humorous! xoxo

Jennifer said...

I guess I have bad etiquette but oh well, I love to eat an ice cream cone and walk around a Savannah park on a hot day.

Miss Janice said...

Love your post...I have The Art of the Table and refer to it constantly!

Miss Janice said...

Love this book and refer to it constantly!