Monday, January 5, 2009


After the holidays, even though we can't eat it, we can still talk about it.

Americans and the world love ice cream. Whether you prefer ice cream or gelato, there are so many selections. I am a huge fan of gelato but give me some unusual flavored ice cream and I am in love. I had to look this up--I knew that Gelato was lower in calories than ice cream, but here are the facts:


Premium ice creams are made with fresh cream (not condensed or powdered milk), real eggs, and natural flavorings. Premium ice creams have very little air added; gelato has no air added at all. (There’s a minimal amount of air that's incorporated naturally because of the churning process.)


Gelato recipes usually include more egg yolks, more milk and less cream. It actually has less fat than regular ice cream, but gelato's low overrun makes for an extremely dense, rich and creamy treat. GELATO = less fat + no air added = rich cremier taste

Dolly Madison served Oyster Ice Cream at the White House. If you would like a few more really strange flavors, look here: 101-frightening-ice-cream-flavors-from-around-the-world. Warning: Whale Ice Cream is on the list.

Oyster Ice Cream


In addition to molded ice cream daisies, turkeys, etc., Ray's provides these little peach, apple, orange, etc. ice cream desserts with peach, apple, orange,etc. liquor inside. Simple dessert for a dinner party and they ship in dry ice.

Ray's Ice Cream


My parents received a wonderful gift for their 50th anniversary from some dear friends; flavored Ice Cream from Jeni's (Sold directly or through Dean & Deluca). The Olive with Sea Salt was incredible. The flavors are listed below.

-Star Anise with Candied Fennel

-Spicy Pecan Praline

-Olive Oil with Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds

-Hot Cocoa by the Hearth (smoked chocolate gelato with handmade marshmallows)

-Buttercup Squash with Mascarpone and Nutmeg

-Bourbon Eggnog

-Salty Caramel

- Crème Fraîche with Amarena Cherries

-Lime Cardamom with Lingonberries


Another of my favorites is Ciao Bella. Here is a sample of some of their flavors:

CIAO BELLA GELATO SEASONAL FAVORITES All Natural Peppermint Stick Gelato* Cherry Sake Sorbetto Chocolate Chai Gelato Cranberry Orange Sorbetto* Eggnog Gelato Persian Lime Gelato Pomegranate Champagne Sorbetto Pumpkin & Spice Gelato*

And my favorite is Mango and Mr. Lane's is Pistachio

Please let me know your favorite flavor!


Anonymous said...

Oyster ice cream??? Not too sure about that one.

Melissa Miller said...

Oyster ice-cream? Interesting and informative post...:)

thepreppyvegan said...

Whale ice cream -- yuck. Def. not vegan. I like Ciao Bella blood orange sorbetto, does that count? And coconut milk ice cream from So Delicious.

Kappa Prep said...

Jeni's is the BEST! There salted caramel is to die for and they had another killer flavor last winter too. I will have to look at their website and figure out what it was. The only flavor I did not like was black currant. I may be obsessed with England, but black currant is one thing I will just never be able to do!

Nantucket Karen said...

My very first job was at Baskin-Robbins IceCream Parlor in Washington,D.C. NEVER EVER GOT TIRED OF EATING IT EVERY DAY, NEVER!! I LOVED THIS POSTING because now I'm going to get on Dean and Deluca's website and order me up some Cocoa by the Hearth; it sounds devine!! LOVE CIAO BELLA'S WHITE CHOCOLATE; SOOOO GOOD :)

Princess Freckles said...

This little post is not helping with my new diet plans! You've got me thinking about Ray's....and cinnimon ice cream! Some of those Dean & DeLuca flavors sound incredible!

Her Preppiness said...

The sea salt is incredible!! I love that stuff

Pink Maple said...

I agree with PreppyVegan, I love Ciaio Bella blood orange and also mango.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Gelato, gelato, how I love thee!

Got to go now, the freezer is calling!!!