Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Yes, I have succumed to technology and the need for speed. I have invited a small group of women to dinner next Tuesday for a friend's 40th birthday using EVITE.

We received an invitation to a Pool Party for this weekend that was from Evite, which I loved getting and it has been fun to see who is coming, and their comments to the host/hostess. I think EVITE seems to work for last minute parties. Being the invitation fan I am, and always loving the formality and elegance of a personal, hand written invitation, I am very against this.

Because of the 1 week time frame, I was forced to speed up the process and frankly, personal phone calls end up in rejection or last minute call criticism (yes this is last minute before the world goes on vacation next week), or my favorite, date negotiation (i.e., I would really like to come but am unable to make this date. Please let me know if it changes). I have choosen the cowardly route of the impersonal ....EVITE. I will make it up in ordering an elegant, stand-up purse cake that has a J Crew influence (pictures posted later). P.S. If you really want your grandmother to "roll over in her grave", you can even send your thank you notes to your guest through this site too.


Kappa Prep said...

Oh, EVITE! I have never actually used it myself, but have gotten loads of invites through it. I do love that you can see who is going. The invite you included has to be my very favorite, I feel like I get one with its' graphic monthly!

Mom x 2 said...

I think it's definitely a site to be used for certain situations. Just like what you did! I would use it for the same thing.

My son has gotten 1 Evite birthday invitation and I really don't like it. My kid is 5 and can't read so getting a fun colorful card in the mail gets him excited about being invited.

I've used Evite a few times but it isn't usually my first inclination. A fun girls' night out is the perfect reason to use Evite.

Anonymous said...