Friday, July 11, 2008


As I mentioned to you, Ann Arbor is a little off when it comes to politics. As a city, we passed several laws to make us "feel" better since we really have no authority to enforce them. For example, we have Nuclear Free ordinance (meaning Nuclear weapons may not be driven though our town).

My favorite sign from the Presidential Primary was vote none-of-the- above...."Gore 2008". This is a little confusing since Gore was not even on the ticket. The fact that someone would spend money for these signs...well, I am sure that you understand my point.

Also, perfectly logical people seem to have been drinking the Kool-aid when it comes to supporting candidates. I say, why are you supporting so and so. They do not have any real reason--which for such educated people, makes me concerned that they have lost their minds. If they are going to drink the Kool-aid, they might as well drink it in a stylish cup.


Sue said...

Hum...We seem to have quite a few Kool-Aid drinkers down here in my neck of the south eastern part of MI too. Really cute cups.

Anonymous said...

Love your older post with the welly display - hunters? I would love to buy a pair in every colour!

AEG said...

I assume this was the post you were refering to when you are right, I DO love it!

Princess Freckles said...

I'm also from SE MI, and have not yet seen these cups! Where do I get them?