Monday, July 7, 2008


Having the business background I do, and how much fun I have blogging, I am intreged with measuring the value of my blog. Does anyone really like my blog? How do you know you are a successful blogger? I just receive an award from the wonderful It's Toile Y'all--thank you, thank you. My rating for blog popularity is 387,498 and have an authority of 17--- I am not sure that this is good or bad. I did start out in the millions so I am getting better. Bunny Tomerlin and rightfully so, was mentioned on Kate Spade's website under "Things We Love". I think this is a pretty flattering statement that you have made it as a blogger!

I have started a little poll is to see how you measure your success as a blogger.

See the side panel to participate:

1.) Number of hits per day

2.) Number of comments

3.) Profit

4.) Other ratings (such as:

5. ) Awards, mentions, tags, etc. from other bloggers

5.) Just do it for myself (do not care about any of the above)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! You are great! I adore your blog.