Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, I am working on my "Tags" ..a dinner party with famous people and embarrassing songs you love, and realized...I have been tagged for over two weeks and could have had 10 dinner parties and a decade of music will have gone by before I am able to make my mind up on my tags. I think I am thinking too much here! I loved being tagged too..thank you! You are asking...what is my problem..these famous people are dead and not really coming to dinner!

So, to avoid the subject again, here is my daughter's 13th birthday cake by Cake Nouveau! Yes, we have a hot, famous cake maker in Ann Arbor who actually has won Food Network awards. Courtney is adorable and this is the cake she made for my daughter's Hawaiian themed party. Check our her adorable creations on her website Cake Nouveau.

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Sue said...

Well, that is about the cutest cake I have ever seen.