Sunday, April 20, 2008

Preppy Political Style!

Well, we had dinner with a former US Ambassador and his wife at our club on Saturday night. We were discussing how drawn out this political race has been and we were looking forward to the election and hopefully the Inauguration. We have already purchased our Black Tie and Boots Tickets from the Texas Society by the deadline of March 31st. If our candidate looses, we will sell them on eBay. If he or she wins, we are heading for a fun few days in DC.

Even thought the election is rather ugly, that does not mean we have to dress that way. Some of our favorite vendors will make sure we look good.

For high-heel relief under your

Inaugural gown so you can run to the after-parties

Stubbs & Wootton

For the keys to the Country (that's USA)....

To wear election night so there will not be "tie"

Vineyard Vines

Wear these because they are just plain CUTE!

Angela Moore

To wash the candidates, their spouses, their staff or supporter's mouths out-with-soap! Maybe a few news people would benefit from this too.

And something for those independents... so you may have some neutral options too.

A.Tierney Stephen Bonannos

In summary, the author of Freakonomics (great book) had a contest to come up with new slogan for the USA (a more current option). The winner was:


Freakonomics [Revised and Expanded]: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

LOVE this post! I think I have some shopping to do! RIGHT, right! ;)

Sue said...

What great political props! I'm hoping you get to use your tickets.

Mom x 2 said...

Who knew politics could be so cute??

Tickled Pink & Green said...

Cute stuff! And I LOVE that slogan!

Liz (The Preppy Lizard) said...

Wow...such cute stuff. Who knew!

lisagh said...

Love love love Stubbs and Wootton.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful politico necessities! I love all of your books too!

Bunny Tomerlin