Monday, March 10, 2008


p>Well, after a crazy month...talent show--I was in charge with my girlfriend NP (2 nights with 120 kids, lighting, sound, crew, programs, rehearsals, plus a snow storm, etc.), my birthday (breakfast, lunch, dinner) basketball game (B), tennis (B) ,Valentine parties and dinner with hubby at the club, over the top spirit week costumes for my daughters, etc., etc. Then off to Quebec and back in the swing!

I have just a good moment to reflect before I go to lunch with a girlfriend, two parties tomorrow night party, tennis tournament Sunday, birthday party sleepover for daughter C, basketball game for son T, soccer game (T), baseball clinic (T) and a school play with spaghetti dinner(B), dinner tonight with friends. I only have three more lunches and a group coffee next week, then I think my dear friends will be sick of celebrating my birthday. I think we will need that spring break to relax and for them to like me again! Is your life this crazy or are we crazy? As you can see, I have an affinity for 1950's Vogue magazine covers, I think this one is from 1952. I guess I love these covers because the 1950's style is pretty traditional and elegant. Anyway, just sharing something beautiful and if you can find a red hat for today, all the better.

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The Mrs. said...

Damn! That is fabulous!!!