Sunday, January 20, 2008


New York may have Frank Sinatra but Chicago has Frank Wright
(Frank Lloyd Wright)
Well, because we have a 3 day weekend, and it is way, way too cold to ski, I decided to take my three children to Chicago for a few days. We head to Chicago about every 2-3 months for a quick visit (my sister and sister in-law live there). We just love Chicago!
Big Bowl on Cedar Street
RJ Grunt's

We have our usual stops which to most seem rather boring...Big Bowl on Cedar, which is a stir- fry Asian restaurant (I had pomegranate mochi), the Walnut Room which is at the Marshal Field's (I mean Macy's) on State Street and RJ Grunt's which in below my sister's condominium. I'd say...that is about the extent of our dining repertoire.

(can purchase at Trader Joe)

Other favorites include the restaurant at Ralph Lauren, the Neiman Marcus store restaurant and before we leave town today, we will hit Cereality...can you tell I have children. If you complain about paying $4.00 for a box of Fruit Loops in the grocery store, wait until you pay $4.00 for a cup of Fruit Loops! If you think that is not bad enough, just wait until your kids pile on the M&M's, Reece's Pieces, and Coconut and have chocolate milk on it too. Yummy! Dining at its finest. UPDATE: Cereality was closed! Space for rent. Bummer. I also try to incorporate some type of education exchange even though from an economic perspective, Adam Smith would find shopping quite educational. This trip, we went to the Field Museum..I think this is about the 12th trip for us. In addition to the 1500 dead animal carcass displays (they probably are not real--just case there are animal rights activist reading) and the oversize lizard bones (according to my tour guide they are plaster casts from molds of actual bones--whatever), there is something that every girl should see...Jewels. This time my children learned about the variety of cuts and yes, the most important skill... how to spot a fake! According to the tour guide, there may have been 6 major extinctions on the earth but many of these gem stones have survived them all. Now that is truly survival of the fittest!

Field Museum of Natural History
Grainger Hall of Gems
Pretty! (not actually at the museum--for effect only)


Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I hope you are having FUN! :) Oh, and keeping warm!

Small Space Resources said...

Wow, your sister from Chicago must be really a great person to let you stay with her so frequently.

jilly said...

I LOVE Chicago as well. We were just there in October and I can't wait to go back! RL was by far our favorite. Going to the top of the Hancock is always fun as well.

Tres Poshe filled me in on a brunch cruise which we are going to try to do next time.

suburban prep said...

Stay warm while you are in Chicago. It is supposed to get a bit colder this week and then warm up toward the weekend.