Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well, friends and family, I have started a blog. I thought that I would take my creative energy and funny, crazy life (hopefully others will think I am as funny as I do), and entertain, educate and amuse people. I am married to a wonderful man, have three great children and a spoiled, loving English Springer Spaniel named COCO. We live in Ann Arbor, may say--Ann Arbor was in the "Preppy Handbook". Well, all those restaurants in the book are long gone and Ann Arbor to me is about tie dye and birkenstocks. We have a few people who are wearing the same clothing they wore in the 60's--I also do not think they have cut their hair nor bathed since the 60s either. I am always looking for brights shades of pink or a little madras in a black and gray town. Aside from being a "fish out of water", Ann Arbor is really a wonderful place to live and I will tell you more about it over time.


Duchess said...

When I go to Ann Arbor for the Art Fair I am always amused. You tend to see the dreadlocked, grungy guy right next to a lady wearing pearls and a perfectly coordinated outfit and they are debating the merits of a painting or a vase. I love Ann Arbor:-D

Buford Betty said...

Too funny... you sound like my best friend. A prep in a world of drab. Thanks for your comment on my page. :-)

magnolia mama said...

My closest Seattle friend is from Ann Arbor. Sounds like a great place!