Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Everyone has their priorities on how they spend their money and I prioritize household help. I am fortunate enough to have a housekeeper and a laundress. Our laundress has not been here is a few weeks and we are starting to pay the price. She simplifies a big element in my life--mounds of laundry. Mostly she washes, folds and puts away the clothing. That is it! If time permits, she will starch and iron my linens. Even though I owned a business and managed a staff of 50, I am weak when it comes to household help. I like the comfort of knowing who is in my home and touching my laundry. Also, I believe it is easier to keep someone than hire and train a new person. So I am stuck making a national plea for her return.

In terms of ironing, I was blessed at one time to have a rotary iron or known to some as a mangle. This was a linen lover's dream come true! It was from a friends estate so it was old. I tried to put a large folded tablecloth through it and burned out the motor. Oh well, I guess it is best for napkins only. I have my eye on a new rotary iron...on my list.

Old Rotary Iron

(use to have)

Wish List Rotary Iron

(I guess it is strange to want this but I do)



CashmereLibrarian said...

Ah, I would love a laundress. I'm obsessed with ironing everything but since it's only me it takes too much time, so I compromise. For example, I crave starched ironed sheets but have to settle for doing the pillowcases and the top half of the top sheet to save time. Ah well, it's on my winning the lottery list--

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

I think I need to re-prioritize... A laundress sounds like heaven. :) Although, I send a lot of my clothes out so I can't completely complain...

Midwest Prep said...

How different my life would be if I had a laundress. I don't even mind teh washing--it is the folding ironing and the worst...putting it away...that gets to me. I made that part my husband's job and he is terrible. The piles just sit there. I told him that when I can quit my job all household tasks will be my pleasure!