Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, one of my favorite pop culture artists is Andy Warhol. I just love his humor (his quotes) and interpretation of everyday life. While smelling the roses, he just adds a splash of bright color to a black and gray world, and there you have it... Art. My preppy daughter loves him too. We are in the process of re-decorating her room and are looking at this picture for the walls. I also love Chanel No. 5---so this picture is a natural fit for our home. I recently read in the "Wall Street Journal"-- that an investor is purchasing Warhol painting to "jack" the price up or more properly said, to increase the value through acquisition at inflated prices. What this means to me--posters! No originals ..No lithographs...just posters. Even the orginal poster of this above picture (which were displayed in store windows in Paris in the 1990's) is still $500. I think what I need is a poster of this poster.

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ldmortensen said...

This is such a fun website!!! I love Andy Warhol too!